"The mechanistic aspects of "Strange Harvest" remain constant throughout, an insistent thump that's halfway between Factory and Wax Trax!, while Jasmine Golestaneh's vocals become increasingly distorted and blown-out. Within its four minutes, the slow burn of "Strange Harvest" reaches a point of self-immolation.."

"Hell Hotline," a slice of achingly melodic, drum machine-driven guitar-pop seems the sum of its own subtly shaded paradoxes: downcast and buoyant, terse and expansive, icy and sentimental. Today, they're debuting a Bela Borsodi-directed clip for the cut, underscoring the song's propulsive chug with fills of strobing color."

"They're a ticking time bomb at this point, ready to blow up at any minute."

"A band that makes music so resolutely otherworldly; songs like "Strange Harvest" and "Hell Hotline" are heavy on atmosphere - dissonant guitars and murky beats bouyed aloft by Golestaneh's crystalline vocals."

"Distinctly dark and throbbing - it's like they've latched onto a perfect formula and given it an extra jolt of life, for good luck."